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Crushing  Plants Crushing Plants
There are two kinds of crushing plants stationary and mobile crushing plants. Crushing plants are used for mining-industrial projects (i.e. iron ore, copper, aluminum, magnesium, cement, gypsum) , civil projects such as building and road construction ( i.e. Rural road, highway, railway, subway), and dam construction, bridge construction. Every kinds of crushing plants are used in their special conditions.s.
Crushing Equipment Crushing Equipment
JTSCo. is able to manufacture and supply of crushing equipment such as different kinds of crushers jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and screen, sand washer, sand making and belt conveyor based on customer requirements.
Metal Concentration Equipment Metal Concentration Equipment
Mobile screen drum magnet will be used in plasery mines concentrating the grade of metal stone.
Batching Plants Batching Plants
Batching Plant is a concrete production machine, used in building, dam, bridge and road construction projects. Batching plant can be in two kinds mobile or stationary. JTSCo. is able to design and manufacture of RCC plant, mobile and stationary crushing plants. The company s mobile batching plant capacity is from 30 cubic meters to 120 cubic meters per hour.
Material Recovery Facility Material Recovery Facility
JTSCo. is desighner and manufacturere of Material Recovery Facility in iRAN.
Material handling systems Material handling systems
Material handling systems includes conveyors, elevator, conveyor chain and helical chain.
Industrial Projects Industrial Projects
Industrial projects including design, installation and commissioning of crushing departments, blending bed, raw material mill, Cyclone Pre heater and kiln bed plate departments of cement factories, Cement grinding and packing Departments, Material Handling System.
National Drilling Projects National Drilling Projects
National Drilling Projects includes design, supply and commissioning of Pumping Devices used in the Drilling Industry, Main Control Panel of Cementing Unit, Information Processing Devices of Cementing Unit COMPUPAC, Well head information display system of cementing unit UNIPRO.
Road Transportation Road Transportation
Designing and manufacturing different kinds of trailer for transporting Pride chamber, Double Deck & Container Transporter (20ft and 40ft), side tipping trailer with hydraulic jack.


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